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Frequently Asked Questions

What are delivery costs?

Auckland $5

Rest of North Island $11

South Island $14.50

There is no extra charge for rural delivery but make sure you put your RD address in the address details.


Can I pick up?

We're not a store and live rurally so we aren't open for pick up however drop off may be possible for Orewa/Hibiscus Coast folk. Send us a message to check before purchasing. Auckland people can visit us at a market and save on delivery that way. 


How can I pay?

Use your credit card securely through PayPal - you don't need to create an account in order to use PayPal.

You can also use our bank account to make a deposit. Select 'checkout' as the option at checkout then choose 'manual'. Log onto your bank and make the payment - when it shows in our account we'll send your order.


How do I contact you?

As a small online business, we're not always available by phone. Please use the make contact form to send an email and we'll get back to you quickly.


What do I do if I'm not happy with my purchase?

Please contact us using the make contact form if you feel dissatisfied with your purchase. We love your feedback - we can't improve if we don't hear from you.


Is this website secure?

This website is created using WIX and is enabled for HTTPS - that means your information is encrypted and secure. You can see the Secure padlock symbol in this website address.


What ingredients are in the kits?

Our kits use the simple ingredients you could buy and use yourself - baking soda, beeswax,

epsom salts, almond oil and so on (see the ingredient list on each kit for detail).

We buy from New Zealand suppliers in bulk to keep pricing low and

ingredients are organic where possible.

Find more detail here (the link will open in a new window).

Do you have terms and conditions?

Oh yes we do....

  •  Allergen disclaimer - Ingredients of the kit are listed. We've made these kits with natural ingredients so they're better for you however, for legal reasons, we can't 100% guarantee you won't react to something. The responsibility of checking potential allergens lies with the purchaser of the kit.

       Those who are very sensitive should avoid using the essential oils or lip balm flavour options (if included) in the kit.

       The beeswax we use is sourced locally and is raw. People who suffer from seasonal allergies may react to it.

  • Using the kits - Some of our kits melt beeswax and oils. While melting the ingredients and then pouring into moulds is straightforward, responsibility lies with the individual to be careful.  It's hot melted liquid. Don't run with scissors. When children are using the kit, it's the caregiver who's responsible for making sure they are adequately supervised and don't burn themselves on the gas hobs or with hot melted liquid. Or running with scissors.

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