Grow your own nutrious microgreens.


This kit has everything included to give you a good supply of microgreens. We use organic potting and seed raising mix and have even recycled take away containers to keep the price down and help with the plastic mountain.


The kit contains

  • a recycled growing container
  • separate bags of organic potting and seed raising mix
  • easy, detailed growing instructions
  • spray bottle to mist the growing microgreens
  • seeds - rocket, red mizuna and sorrel - a tasty peppery nutrious mix (they come in a home made paper sachet)


What you need to do -

spread the seeds over the soil, cover with the bag of seed raising mix and mist with water daily.


The greens will be ready to eat in less than a week and by two weeks they will be producing well. What - tasty greens to add to a meal in only a couple of weeks!? Yep - that's the beauty of microgreens. Enjoy.

Microgreen growing kit

  • Microgreens is just a word for a mini plant. A seed has everything needed to support the emerging plant so microgreens (like sprouts) are very nutrious and tasty.

    • They are an easy way to add greens to a meal - set the container up on your kitchen windowsill and snip off  leaves to add to a salad, sandwich or simply over a meal when you need them.
    • Don't have the time, space or green fingers to garden? Microgreens are easy to grow and not affected by pests or the weather.
    • If you haven't eaten microgreens before you'll be surprised at the amount of taste such tiny leaves have. 

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