Make your own dishwasher powder and/or tablets.


Have you ever wanted to make your own dishwasher powder but haven't found the right recipe or if you have, don't know where to buy the ingredients? We've bought in bulk to bring the price down for you without compromising on the quality of the ingredients. 


This pack makes about 700g of powder. Generally you'll need 1TB/10g per wash so you should get 60-70 washes from this kit. It will vary depending on whether you make tablets or a free flow powder and how much you use per wash.


The kit contains -

  • easy to follow instructions
  • sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), washing soda, citric acid, sea salt, liquid castile soap
  • a sticker with the ingredients listed to label your own container


You will need - 

  • an oven tray or similiar to make the powder in. 
  • Ice cube trays can be used to make dishwasher tablets. 
  • a child proof container to put the finished powder in. While all the ingredients have low toxicity the powder is not safe for consumption and must be kept in a child proof container and away from their reach.


Questions -

What?! Is that all the ingredients in this dishwasher powder!!?? Even the 'eco friendly' brand I buy has twice those ingredients.

Yes - we've worked on this recipe to make a powder that only contains the basic ingredients for cleaning your dishes and making the least impact on your health, the waste water system (and ultimately our waterways).


Will it work?

This powder might not be as hard out as your regular one but by rinsing dishes before putting them in and keeping up with your rinse aid (or white vinegar) you shouldn't notice much of a difference to your usual wash. There is no chlorine or bleach so you might find coffee and tea cups get stained over time. Just wash them with a stello pad now and then. It's better than having them get bleached each time.


Why isn't there isn't any fragrance in your kit?

Fragrance and colouring are some of the nasties in dishwasher powder. They're not necessary for cleaning but you could always put some drops of essential oil in if you prefer the kitchen to smell nice while the dishes are being washed.



Dishwasher powder making kit

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  • It's fun and you can learn how to make one of the more difficult cleaners to make. Plus you know you have a product that has no phosphates, bleaches, chlorine, perfume or colouring. Simple!

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