Have you wanted to try naturally made cleaning products but aren’t sure they really clean? This sample pack contains four commonly used ones. It’s a chance to try these toxic free cleaning products and see that yes, they really do work!

This pack also makes a great gift for someone you want to convince to make the change to green cleaning.


The pack contains: washing machine powder – dishwasher powder – toilet cleaning tablets – cream cleaner


All these products are hand-made so there will be variations in the size of powders and tablets.



Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate - washing soda - castile soap – essential oils (citrus blend)

Sample size: 100gms. Use 1 good sized TB / 20G / ½ scoop per full load.

This powder works best in a warm or hot wash. It doesn’t form suds so is suitable for a front loader.



Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate - washing soda - citric acid - salt - liquid castile soap

Sample size: 80gms. Use - 1 regular sized TB /10-15gms per load



Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate - citric acid – liquid castile soap – essential oils (pine blend)

Sample size: 3 tablets.

To use - throw a tablet into the toilet bowl, let fizz until done (a few minutes) then scrub the bowl clean. Tablets can also be used mid clean when the bowl needs a bit of a hit – just throw the tablet in the toilet, let fizz and leave.



Ingredients: liquid castile soap - washing soda - water

Sample size: 35gms. Shake the bottle and squeeze a small amount on the surface or cloth as you would a commercial cleaner.


Green cleaning sample pack

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