This powder is made with natural ingredients. If you're concerned about the potential harm from your regular commercial product, this is a great alternative. 


Size: 500gms




sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), salt, citric acid, washing soda, liquid castile soap, essential oils (citrus blend).

There is a scent free option - put this in the notes at checkout.


Use: 1TB per full load. More or less depending on your load and dishwasher.


This product is hand made therefore it won't come as a uniform powder.


Although made with natural ingredients they should be kept away from children and not ingested!

Dishwasher powder

  • Cleaning products don’t need to list all the ingredients so you may not be aware it contains something harmful.

    What harm can ingredients cause?

    • Some are carcinogens. This means they might not cause cancer on their own but enable cancers to grow.
    • Can be harmful to aquatic life when products enter waterways.
    • Can affect developmental and reproductive functions by disrupting hormone levels. These endocrine disruptors also affect aquatic life (again)
    • Antibacterial products can promote the growth of antibiotic resistant bacteria.
    • Fumes released (eg when the dishwasher is running or from sprayed products such as window cleaners) can worsen asthma and respiratory problems.

    It's not just one product in isolation that's the problem but the combination of cleaners and body products we might be exposed to over time. Our bodies can’t get rid of all toxins and they build up in our tissues. This also happens to wildlife through products entering waterways.

    Many cleaning products have a low safety rating because of the harm caused if eaten, if it touches the skin or is rubbed in eyes. Home-made cleaning products are just the same in that respect although probably not with the same potential to be fatal.

    If you have a septic system it makes sense to think about what you’re washing down your pipes as some products will upset the natural balance of bacteria a well-functioning system needs.

    Using an eco friendly or home-made product is one way to green up your clean up.

  • The method for making your own dishwasher tablets (or powder) is here. It includes a video tutorial with some helpful tips.

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