Make your own beeswax wraps - this kit has the material and ingredients you'll need to make five.

Choose from two different great fabric options (see the gallery)


Beeswax wraps can be used instead of plastic to wrap food for lunches or to store in the fridge. Rinse in cold water when necessary, leave to dry and re-use. Wraps will last from 6months to a year or more depending on use and care.


Contents of the kit - 

  • 120g of beeswax recipe (Christchurch unrefined beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil)
  • A brush, instructions to make and care for the wraps
  • A small sample of a pre-made wrap
  • Cotton material - prewashed and cut ready to use to make five wraps - 

     1 large - 35cm x 33cm - use for covering bowls and dishes

     2 medium - 30cm x 25cm - wrap sandwiches and so on

     2 small - 20cm x 17cm - wrap snacks, cheese, cut vegetables and fruit

Beeswax wrap making kit (makes 5)

Colour: green

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