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Updated: Jan 22, 2019

I can't believe I wrote a post in September about the joys of Spring. The cold and wet hit soon after and my garden ground to a halt - it really didn't feel like spring. In the last few weeks everything has suddenly come to life and now spring is really here with summer just around the corner. Here's some (mostly) highlights of the garden.


It's been six years since some of the fruit trees have been planted and most have struggled in our clay soil and strong winds. This year I've got a nice lot of buds forming - plums, apples and peaches especially. The promise of fruit to come is exciting.

early burbank plums enjoying the sun

peaches galore. ssshh don't tell the chooks


I was slack last year and didn't get to the climbing roses. They need to be pruned - I've been rewarded with all these flowers. Pruning the climbing rose can seem like a daunting task. Just Take Heaps Off.

Alberic barbier climbing rose


Keeping the ground free of plants (weeding) in a gazillion metres of garden is a mammoth task. This has totally gone to the pack in the last month of so as everything has started growing like crazy. I've decided I need to pick my battles and focus on the really invasive stuff and allow the rest to form a bee-friendly, ramshackle look which is more my style anyway. I just need gumboots to walk on my paths so I don't get stung.

this is a path. Clover, plantain and so on. Just wear boots


After a couple of years the beds on either side of this path are dubbed the wildflower garden. The self seeded flowers have overgrown the flax (which didn't do well, since moved) and lomandra. Things grow where they want to grow. Nasturium does me well for edibles, geranium flowers for drying and the rest for the bees and visual appreciation.


A dug over, leveled out patch of ground seemed like the perfect spot to start a proper wildflower bed. I even got some topsoil to cover up our horrible clay. Another lesson on plants will grow where they want to grow (as if I needed one). This is just kikuyu and buttercup. There might be one or two wildflower seeds coming up. I think I'll end up letting the 'weeds' (clover, herb robert, yarrow and more) take over as they have in the paths and bank areas.

the wildflower to be garden - I'm not hopeful (wooden seat to the left and bird bath to the right)


The chickens are laying well. This only happens for about a month in the year so we're pretty excited. I've got some ways to utilise the homegrown free range eggs which doesn't mean just giving them all away. Read it here.

You give me food, I give you eggs. Deal?

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