Spring is here - what's not to love?

I was recently asked - as a gardener, what's my favourite season? Nothing grows in the cold wetness of winter, summer is a struggle with heat and watering. The best has to be spring with lambs born, bulbs popping up and veggies finally growing.

this years lambs are healthy and as cute as ever

Nothing says spring is here better than our lambs being born. We have a small flock and on our lifestyle block they don't just keep the grass down, the lambs provide us with meat. Some people might struggle with this but for me, as a meat eater, I prefer knowing the history of what I'm eating. They have the best life!

dad (who we suspect is part goat) is teaching his kids how to climb the fallen pine. Great parenting skills

Plants and seeds put in months ago have done their best over winter and are now suddenly ready. Asparagus always surprises me - we had our first feed on the first day of spring which seems so early. It's a perennial plant which means, once established, it just grows year after year. My favourite kind of edible. Plus we can pick it and eat it straight away when it's still lovely and crisp. I like it raw - it tastes a bit like fresh peas.

home grown asparagus

I've spent a couple of years not growing carrots. Time after time I've sown seed - different seeds, different methods, different times of planting. In April I put more down, covered them with a piece of damp material and cursed through the two days of storm which immediately followed. This is my best harvest ever. I think I had 100% strike rate - I had to thin them! Carrots are hard to grow. I did everything the same with my latest planting and I've had three germinate. Three. Two are right next to each other so I'll need to thin them.... so that'll be two carrots. Meanwhile I'm enjoying this awesome crop, I'll probabaly dream about it forever.

carrots (finally!)

The celery and sprouting broccoli I planted in April are also finally ready to eat now. When you grow your own veggies it's more time consuming than just going out and buying them. The sprouting broccoli has taken up alot of space and has taken ages to grow over winter and doesn't really produce much so they're not even good value in that respect but they look amazing. No pesticides or articial fertilizers on these either - just pure purple goodness.

purple sprouting broccoli

spring daffodils always bring a smile

How's your spring garden going? If you haven't got tomato and chilli seeds started - do it now!

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