Mop your floor better the two bucket way

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

If you have a large floor space to mop it's a big challenge keeping it clean. When mopping you can quickly feel like you're pushing a bucket of dirty water around. What’s that achieving? Winter and a dog doesn't help with the state of my floors either.

I use to change my bucket a few times during the mop to keep the water clean but it’s a waste of cleaning product. Enter the two bucket method. So easy – I don’t know why I haven’t been doing this my whole life!

It's not hard – the picture says it all.

You’ll need two buckets. Put the cleaning product in one and plain water in the other. Simply rinse the mop in the plain water then dunk it (and squeeze as usual) in the cleaning product bucket and mop the floor. After a few wipes, rinse the mop in the plain water, dunk in the cleaning product again and mop again. When the bucket of clean water isn’t looking so clean tip it out and replace it with fresh water. If I do my whole house (if - LOL!) I would change it four or five times.

Easy right! Rinse, dunk in the cleaner, mop, repeat and refresh when necessary.

You won’t be tempted to spin that one bucket of cleaner out even though it’s looking really mank.

I can't understand why my floors get so dirty

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