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Book a lip balm and bath bomb making party 


This is a fun activity for a birthday party or other group event. I’ll come to your place with everything necessary to make 2 lip balms and 2 bath bombs per person and will set up, supervise and clean up. What a great way to give yourself a break for an hour plus you know guests are going home with something useful made with natural ingredients and a focus on minimising waste. That's not always easy to achieve.

Suitable for: ages 10-15 years.

The age group is just a guide - some under 10 may find the activity too difficult while others may not. Those over 15 may find it too basic while others may not.


Group size: 3-6 people


Time for the session: roughly 1.5 hours

One hour for the session and roughly 15 minutes either side to set up and clean up.


What you need to provide: access to a stove top element for a short period of time and a carpark at the house for unloading.


Locations suitable: Auckland's Northshore only.


Available session times:

School term: Thursday afternoon, Saturday, Sunday.

School holidays: most days will be available.


Please send us your request to see if

your preferred date is available.

(A full calender will be online soon

to make booking easier 😊)


Pricing: $175 plus $15 per person. Total cost -

   3 people = $220

   4 people = $235

   5 people = $250

   6 people = $265




Deposit and payment:


50% deposit is required at the time of booking. The balance is required before or on the day of the booking.

Cancellation and refund - full refund of the deposit will be made if it is up to one week before the booking. After this time the deposit won't be refunded although it can be transferred to another session.

Confirmation of participants - this can be indicated at the time of booking. The day before it needs to be confirmed as I will pre-prepare the ingredients needed to save time on the day.


Ingredients and allergens:


Our products will be made with the following natural ingredients:


Lip balm

Beeswax (raw), almond oil, shea butter, coconut oil.

A range of organic lip balm flavours are available to flavour the balms.

Plastic lip balm tubes – choose from several different colours. Plastic isn’t in favour at the moment but these tubes are hardier than cardboard and can be re-used.

Choose from various washi tapes to decorate the tubes.


Bath bombs

Epsom salts, baking soda, citric acid, tapioca starch, almond oil.

A range of essential oils and organic dried flowers are available to add to the bath bombs.

Acrylic bath bomb moulds are used - these will go home with the participants and can be reused to make more bath bombs or to make decorations.


A full ingredient list and contact details will go home with each participant. Parents/caregivers are responsible for checking the ingredient list to make sure it doesn't contain anything their child is allergic to.




Disposal gloves will be available for participants when making the bath bombs. Participants with latex sensitivity should make this known.

Appropriate behaviour of the participants is the hosts responsibility.

The session involves melting ingredients and pouring the melted ingredients into tubes/containers. I will supervise and (if necessary) melt and pour myself.

These terms and conditions will be emailed at the time of booking.

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